Intruder Alarms Overview

Intruder Alarms from £349

STEM Technologies provide Intruder Alarms & CCTV to protect your property. We deliver the best affordable security solutions for customers. Try us & see!

We supply wireless security systems to protect your home using award-winning two-way technology and a range of extras to suit your requirements, while removing the hassle and disruption of running wires and cabling.
The benefit of no cabling or wires to run or hide, the security system can be installed with ease in new builds or existing houses with minimal levels of disruption.

The Intruder Alarms we install boast many benefits, including…

Battery monitoring/saving
Your devise conserves battery when the system is in ‘sleep’ mode, when detection is not required and it will inform you when to replace the battery before it dies, because each wireless device is monitored.

Ways to set/unset
You can set/unset using an App on your mobile, by entering a code on the keypad, using a prox tag or pressing a key fob.  Our alarm systems give you the ultimate flexibility to set/unset your system. 

User friendly flexible programming
The systems we install have user-friendly menus, which give us the flexibility to match the alarm to your needs.  If you want to add tags or key fobs, change your code or zone your home at any time, we can support you with this due to the original set up of the alarm system. 

Are you looking to secure your homes, pets or garage?! Whether by servicing your current alarm or by installing an alarm and/or CCTV, we can help!  Message STEM Technologies or call 01296 914190 to get your Free Security Review booked today.


STEM Technologies Intruder alarms

STEM Technologies Intruder alarms

STEM Technologies Intruder alarms